Richard LaMotte

Richard LaMotte

I am a creative writer who enjoys storytelling, humor, and research that collectively entertains and educates others.

Richard LaMotte

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Richard's books

Live on Discovery

Follow His Lead

In late 1969, Chuck rushes home from college when his father falls ill and passes away. Bitterness over his loss is compounded by the frustration of being unable to afford a return to school. Rashly enlisting in the army, Chuck decides to train as a scout dog handler, and in Vietnam, Chuck's deep...

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About me
Richard LaMotte is the author of "Pure Sea Glass," a Writer's Digest 1st place award winner, and "The Lure of Sea Glass." His first book sold over 100,000 copies and was featured in Parade magazine, NY Times, Washington Post and led to an appearance on Martha Stewart Living. This is his debut novel.
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