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With TIPPIE, everything is always an "ADVENTURE." He's a funny little DONKEY that LOVES playing TRICKS and is always very CURIOUS. Tippie and Daisy try to play a trick on MAMA this time, but.... things don't go quite as planned! Read more inside... Based on a true story. In T...

With TIPPIE, everything is always an “ADVENTURE.” He’s a funny little DONKEY that LOVES to make you LAUGH. You never know what he will THINK of next! While MAMA is shopping, Tippie and Nala decide to clean the house for her. Well... you can IMAGINE how that worked out! Read more inside… ...

With TIPPIE, every day is an “ADVENTURE”. His funny little personality makes him a STAR in every way! Tippie and Grandpa take a car ride to write his first song. The SIRENS suddenly go off, forcing Grandpa to stop. Having a DONKEY in the car, however, was he going to explain this to the OFFICER?...

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Dr. Tippie

With TIPPIE, every day is an “ADVENTURE”. FUNNY and COURAGEOUS, Tippie loves CHALLENGES! With no FEAR in his heart, this adorable donkey is ready to do all he can to make things better. It's PLAYTIME! With excitement, Jackson leaps to the yard and cuts his hoof along the fence. Oh my, I won...

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About me
Nyx Nightshade is a mom, entrepreneur, energy healer, and published author. Her animals and actual life events inspire her books. She is certified in Reiki, Blue Stone and Crystal Healing. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her horses and donkeys.
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