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Lorna Murphy

writer, illustrator, designer of books for children and story lovers everywhere.

Lorna Murphy

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Who's Stu?

Stu is a chameleon with an identity crisis! When old Snake laughs at him for not knowing what colour he is, Stu feels so silly. Surely he should know that?! So Stu turns to his friends in the jungle to help him find out and learns so much more about who he really is. A charming, beautifull...

About me

Hi! I'm Lorna, creator of 'Who's Stu?'; 'Eddie the Careful Cat' and more. I went back to school in my 30's, got my MA in Children's Book Illustration and have been immersed in children's books ever since. I now live in beautiful Spain where I'm never far from inspiration...and good wine and company.

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