Kwami Nyamidie

Kwami Nyamidie

Kwami Nyamidie, Author of Night Critters Play

Kwami Nyamidie

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Live on Discovery

Night Critters Play

A description of a tropical moonlit night where animals and other creatures come out to play. An educational poem with beautiful illustrations to help children learn about animals and insects in the jungle.

When you pause to think about how you breathe, think, move as a human being, you notice how truly amazing you are. This is what makes you a Magnificent Human Being. Magnificent You shows you how to overcome your limitations from the premise that you have enormous capabilities you can use in your ...

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About me
Esseboe Kwami Nyamidie (MA Spirituality Seattle U) is the author of “Night Critters Play” (Pam Christiansen, Illustrator) 2021 “ A visually appealing work that lap readers will want to look at again and again.”-Kirkus Indie Reviews. Thirst No More A Fable of Hope (2017) (Nicole Monahan Illustrator)
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