Karlene Murray

Karlene Murray

Karlene Murray

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Best of Both Parents

The life of multi-racial children can be overwhelming at times when public opinion intrudes. But seven-year-old twins Thora and Valkyrie, with strength of family and a budding sense of self, are learning they can grow into confident, self-assured individuals who have fun and live happy lives. Com...

Dreamers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ability levels. Children have different abilities and face different challenges. Some may have obstacles that limit them a little or a lot, but ALL can be empowered. The children featured in A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT ME offer empowering stories of ...

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About me
Karlene Murray is the author of Best of Both Parents. She is an avid lover of reading, travel and cooking. It has been a dream for a very long time to write and publish a children's book and that dream has finally come true.
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