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Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore

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One for the Road

Awaking confused and alone in a sweltering desert landscape, Miguel finds shelter in what he thinks is the crumbling ruins of a small bar. However, this rundown shack has a dark secret and a terrifying purpose. A festival unlike anything Miguel has ever experienced is about to begin, and he is po...

When Marcus Kyle found an old book, C.A.T. Tricks, and Tricks, in his employer’s archive, he thought it would be good for a laugh and maybe help teach his cat something. But the type of tricks this book includes are more alchemical than entertaining. After an explosion, he and his fiancée, Alana ...

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About me
Originally from Flint, MI I grew up reading comic books with Amazing Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four as my first series. Soon I grew into loving, Dragonlance by Hickman and Weis and the Shannara Series by Terry Brooks. No matter what medium I consumed, the story was what mattered to me.
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