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Coon Creek, a conservative, industrial, blue-collar town, has seen better days. Golden Springs is home to Antaeus College, a private institution with a tradition of liberal politics. No love lost between those two. Mazie Tuttle, a professional dog walker, knows both towns well. Born and raise...

Vive la Révolution The American Revolution began with the Boston Tea Party. If Huck Carp had anything to do about it, the next people’s revolution would begin in the drive-thru of a sleepy donut shop in a working-class neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. It started as a single random act of kindness...

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Gregg Sapp is author of the “Holidazed” satires. To date, four titles have been released: “Halloween from the Other Side,” “The Christmas Donut Revolution,” “Upside Down Independence Day,” and “Murder by Valentine Candy.” Previous books are "Dollarapalooza" and “Fresh News Straight from Heaven.”
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