G. S. Gerry

G. S. Gerry

Crafting literary magic with a touch of humor. 9x Award-Winning Author | Unleashing stories that captivate and entertain, one Bestseller at a time!

G. S. Gerry

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G. S.'s books

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Meth Murder & Amazon

Lemony Snicket meets Breaking Bad meets The Griswold's in an unforgettable comedic journey of a lifetime. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. Can you recount the tales of selling your first home? The excitement beforehand, the anticipation, as you anxiously await for that momentous day...

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About me
G. S. Gerry is an award-winning author and master storyteller, bringing a unique blend of humor, satire, and captivating narratives to the literary stage. With multiple Amazon #1 Best Sellers, Gerry's work transcends genres, inviting readers into worlds where laughter and insight coexist seamlessly
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