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Live on Discovery

Factory 4-80

Commander Natalia O’Rourke is proud of her new recon vessel NightHawk and her crew of Commandos, but not enthused about their first assignment: to track down yet another radio signal that could be from an alien race. However, when she reaches the Barnard’s Star System she finds a fully operationa...

Live on Discovery

Occam's Laser

Flight Leader Alison Rowell will go far in Space Arm; she has the looks, background, and diplomatic skills to make a name for herself in the asteroid mining belts of the Barnard system. But now she has to make a decision that could bring her career to a sudden end. Her father is too deeply invo...

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About me
Brought up in a logging camp with no electricity, Gordon Long learned his storytelling in the traditional way: at his father’s knee. He now spends his time editing, publishing, travelling, blogging and writing Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Social Commentary, although sometimes the boundaries blur.
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