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Roa Seeks

The chronicles begin with a tale of exiles, disillusionment, and stubborn hope, reminiscent of Pratchett and Tolkien. Will a strange band of misfits be enough to protect a world from a monstrous threat? Demons stir in Itania, and Meecha Roa, the black sheep of his family, travels from his home...

‘Why escape death by demon just to die at the hands of heroes?’ Taitu Jathaeri, a sixteen-year-old girl with arcane gifts, is impatient to leave her matriarchal home island to train at Mecanta’s Academy of the Arcane Arts. But when her guardian, a recluse witch, is murdered, Taitu is tasked t...

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I'm an author, beta reader, and reviewer. I post on Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, Reedsy Discovery, TikTok, and Instagram. Credentials: BA in English Literature and indie creative writing for 15+ years.
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