Douglas R. Brown

Douglas R. Brown

I run into burning buildings for a living. Oh, and I write books.

Douglas R. Brown

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Douglas R.'s books

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Death of the Grinderfish

The air is lethal in Altenbyrne. There is no escaping the poisonous fog within the kingdom’s walls. The river is infested with deadly grinderfish, and creatures beyond the walls prey on those who venture out. Without a lifemask, no one can survive. While the wealthy get all the lifemasks they nee...

In his first short story collection, Douglas R. Brown draws inspiration from his career as a firefighter/paramedic along with a Charles Dickens classic in six thrilling tales exploring some of humanity’s darkest impulses. A burned-out paramedic with PTSD receives a succession of ghostly visitors...

About me
As a career firefighter, I rediscovered my love of writing as a cathartic way of dealing with the daily horrors of seeing people die.
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