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The Bones of Our House

There are things that wait in the dark. The century-old farmhouse was meant to be a haven for Anna Pall and her daughters, seventeen-year-old Nina and ten-year-old Sam. It was meant to be a fresh start following her bitter divorce from her unfaithful husband, and an opportunity for Anna to rebui...

Live on Discovery

The Queen is Dead

Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it. Daughter, wife, mother, traitor, and queen. Each of these titles was bestowed upon Gruoch throughout her life, and she could never have imagined wanting anything more. Yet as the shadow of treachery and war sweep away the remnants ...

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Reader, writer, feminist, teacher, mother, wife, and hater of bios. I am a mix of southwestern Anglo protestants and northern French Canadians, and I have never found a perfect balance between the two. I reside in Southwestern Ontario with my husband, two children, one doodle and a tuxedo cat.
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