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Submission guidelines

At this time I am accepting fantasy, science fiction, and graphic novels for review. You can send emails to QuirkyCatsFatStacks at gmail dot com.

I accept print ARCS, finished copies, and ebooks. If the book isn’t the first in the series, and I have not read the others, I may need access to the earlier series.

I am NOT accepting any audiobooks at this time. Exceptions may be made, but not guaranteed.


You can browse my past reads to get a better idea of the books I prefer to read, or my past posts on this blog to see what I’ve previously reviewed.

I accept all science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels in the following genres:


Sword and sorcery



Myths and legends

Modern fantasy

Action & Adventure



I am NOT currently accepting books from:



Children’s books



Accepting Books

My acceptance of a book does not preclude my review of the book, but I will do my very best to make a consideration for each book I receive.

I will do my best to ensure that each book that comes to me gets a review in a timely fashion, with particular regard to release dates. I cannot make or keep any guarantees on the timetables. To increase the efficiency of the review process, please send me the book at least two months before the release date.


Many of my reviews will also be posted to my Goodreads account, potentially with some editing (minus images, etc). My reviews, as the title of my blog implies, can sometimes be quirky and will usually carry a cheerful tone. They will not give an in-depth analysis.

I do my very best to write honest reviews, therefore I cannot and will not promise that all of my reviews are positive, but any negative comments will be focused solely on the book, and not the author or publisher. My reviews reflect my opinions, and nothing more.

On the off chance that I do not finish a book, I will do my utmost to include a reason for why I was unable to finish.

Review Structure

Every review of mine will include:

Cover art

Book stats (The title, author(s), publisher, release date, series status)

Where/how I received the book

My review (what I did or did not like)

Kitty (Star) Rating

About me
My name is Cat (aka Liz), and I am an avid book reader and collection. I write book, comic, and graphic novel reviews for my own book blog (Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks) and comic review blog (Quirky Cat's Comics). I also write for Monkeys Fighting Robots and The Review Crew.
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