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You Will Have a Black Labrador


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This book of essays delivers wisdom in Nino G's unique, playfully sarcastic voice.

Spunk, courage, liveliness, spirit. These are the words that come to mind to describe Nino Gugunishvili’s series of essays, You Will Have a Black Labrador. The topics range from her relationships with food, cooking, men, her dogs, family and her ancestors. A Georgian woman, this theme provides a unique perspective that underpins her explorations of communal experiences (falling in love, cooking the perfect omelet, the death of a dog) so that the lessons she offers are universal. Nino G, in her unique voice (that is equal parts wise and playful), offers readers an honest glimpse into her lived experiences.

You Will Have a Black Labrador is a short memoir, one that touches on a dozen-or-so topics. In some essays, she remains clear and concise, maintaining the theme, the thread of her investigation. In these chapters she is mischievously unapologetic about her perspective and presents her opinions to the reader with a spirited flourish. In other essays, she jumps from topic to topic somewhat abruptly. This leaves the reader feeling stretched thin, as if caught in a whirlpool of the author’s thoughts. Perhaps Nino G might consider expanding her memoir, adding essays on a wider variety of topics so that she might give each subject the time and space that it deserves.

Despite the sometimes-disorienting speed with which Nino G tackles the themes of her life, by books end, the reader is convinced of the author’s perspective. The no-nonsense, sarcasm that permeates her essays call to mind the image of a woman who is well-versed in the simultaneous skill of offering tough-love while remaining open and flexible to the constantly changing course of life’s great river.

Overall, You Will Have a Black Labrador is a book that draws the reader in. Nino G’s voice is distinct, memorable. She invites us into her life: the choices made, the adventures had, the dreams held. The wisdom she shares is accessible, and her delivery is full of spunk. 

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Nino Gugunishvili is the author of the two collections of the short stories: From My Balcony to Yours (2020) and You Will Have a Black Labrador. (2019) Her debut women's fiction Friday Evening Eight O'Clock came out in 2015. Nino's professional background is in film, television, and journalism. view profile

Published on November 20, 2019

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