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Loved it! 😍

Windfall is a lovely book. The characters are complex and interesting, the situations very relatable - I enjoyed it!

I enjoyed Windfall.

Jennifer is a divorced artist and designer, who suddenly finds herself unemployed and homeless, bereft of viable options. Along with her engaging Jack Russell Grifter, she reluctantly decides to squat in an empty mansion in the mountains. From that point, life becomes ever more complicated, following Jennifer's relationships with her accountant, Elliott, with the grumpy ex-army guy next door, her sister, and her sister's young son.

Borgman's writing is smooth and engaging. The flashbacks to Jen's past are occasionally difficult to follow, but they build up a complex picture of her character and background as a creative, generous woman with a hidden past. The neighbour has his own problems - a son from whom he's more or less estranged, and grandchildren he doesn't see. The way that the author weaves everyone's story together is very professional, and you don't really see what's coming until it hits you.

The setting of the book, in a recession (maybe the GFC) in which no-one's job is secure, American white collar workers are being replaced by outsourced labour from India and China, and even middle class people can find themselves suddenly penniless and homeless, unfortunately rings true. Borgman's descriptions of places and people are excellent: I could really picture the decaying old mansion, the mountains (cold, wet and beautiful) - and the scene where Jen and her neighbour participate in a search for a lost elderly woman particularly stuck in my mind. Jen's relationship with her nephew, and the way the boy is portrayed - especially the dialogue between them - struck me as very well handled.

As an Australian, I'm always struck by the middle class insecurity and desperation portrayed in novels set in the US, which comes across to me as somewhat exotic - so that's always an added source of interest. In summary, I enjoyed the book and I'll probably read it again some time!

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Published on August 01, 2019

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