Will Rhyme for Diapers: Baby Poems for the Parents Who Raise Them


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A humorous look at raising children, or children raising parents, who's the boss?

Will Rhyme for Diapers: Baby Poems for the Parents Who Raise Them is the first book by author Matt Strain. Strain is an engineer, poet and “amateur parent to two children under five.” His next book is already in progress, be on the lookout for it as it will be releasing soon. It is titled “Will Rhyme for Diapers: Vol. 2 And Then There Were Two.”

With lyrical rhymes and hilarious graphics, this book is sure to please new parents and seasoned parents alike. Strain tackles conversations that couples have, myths, bodily functions, even some perspectives from the household pets. This humorous collection of poetry includes over fifty original poems, that are sure to make you laugh out loud, groan in commiseration, roll your eyes over the exaggerations or just make you thankful that it has not happened to you (yet). Some of the poems are long, some of them are short, but the overall collection is a quick read.

Strain brings valid points to his poems which is one of the reasons they are so relatable and funny. Not all of them rhyme, but they work all the same. The ink illustrations add to the overall aesthetics of the book, bringing humor in their own way. This book is well edited.

I really enjoyed this collection of poems. My children are teenagers, yet Strain’s poems took me right back to their baby and toddler days. I could relate to most of the poems the words are very vivid, invoking strong reactions. For example, I literally laughed out loud, said “ew,” and scrunched up my nose in places. It is great writing when you are involved in the story, or in this case, poems.

 I would recommend this book of poems for new parents, parents with young children, people who work with children, and even seasoned parents. It is a thoroughly enjoyable, quick read. It would also be a great gift for someone who is pregnant for the first time, showing them what they have to look forward to, lol. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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Matt Strain is an engineer, a poet, and an amateur parent of two children under five. He takes breaks from spreadsheets and analytical thinking to provide a humorous twist on his parenting gig. Matt shares laughs, mistakes, and other insights that all parents can share…or use as a warning. view profile

Published on October 03, 2020

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