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What's Your Number takes the old age question of "What would you do if you win the lottery?" and turns it into a mad capper and sneaky end.

From the first page, to the last one, What's Your Number? was quite enjoyable and entertaining to read. The plot of the story is built around the question of what one would do if you won the lottery, and the writer manages to draw us into the world of the main character without effort from his side. It's lighhearted and the short chapters fit in the style of the lifestyle painted in the book. It's an effortless and easy read and something you can enjoy in one sitting if you want.

The main characters in the book are Luiz Diaz, his wife Krystal, and Jasmine his lover. There are other characters in the book too, but they flit in and out and are only there to move the plot along. Luiz and Jasmine's antics fill the pages for the biggest part of the book and one gets to know Luis intimitely because he is the main attraction of the story. From being a middle of the road man, to living the life of the rich and famous, we follow his progression into decadence and decay with interest and also some sympathy. However, you also have to deal with a lot of ego talk but that's what makes for an interesting read with the character's "change" of identity. While the ending may be surprising for some, I was expecting some kind of scam or robbery to happen from the minute he won the money.

What's Your Number? is the kind of book for anyone that likes action and adventure style stories. Although it's not high action like cops and robbers, the action comes from the constant change in setting and the high-rolller lifestyle penned down on the pages. It's thouroughly enjoyable and bar for a few small mistakes contained in the text, a nice book to while away on a rainy or sunny afternoon. I enjoyed it a lot and can recommend it to anyone interested in this type of genre.

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L.R. Diaz is a Puerto Rican author residing in Fernandina Beach, FL. He has traveled to over 25 countries and loves to get lost in other cultures. Luis is a Navy veteran and air traffic controller, but most importantly, a GIRLDAD to Gabriela Rose and husband to his wife of 6 years, Krystal. view profile

Published on March 01, 2022

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