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We Should Get Together


Loved it! 😍

Cute and charming. You may not think you need it, but there’s something for everyone in these pages and the most adorable illustrations too!

I was a little skeptical but was also pleasantly surprised by this book’s charm. I’m sure that wanting more friends and feeling lonely is not something anyone really seeks to be that open about but honestly, few of us have the kind of life-long friendship that makes each day more enjoyable.

At some point, we have to admit to ourselves that there is more that we want than we (and must of the people around us) originally thought. I think when it comes to talking about friendships and feeling isolated or alone, we board ourselves up. I think we do this because it’s easier to deny it than to try and figure out why we feel the way we do. Even better: when we bled ourselves up, we don’t have to find a solution to the incredibly complex and overwhelming problems that come with making and maintaining new friendships.

This book puts on a silver platter all of the phrases and explanations for any feeling you’ve had since high school. Then it goes even further and explains why all the things you’ve done to fix your problem or problems haven’t made you feel any better. THEN it goes even further and suggests new ways for you to tackle these problems. Strategies and exercises that aren’t daunting; they’re manageable and, anecdotally, effective!

The adorable illustrations throughout the book are a nice touch as well. Quirky and cute surprises here and there. To me, they served as a reminder that the book’s goal is to make you more capable of taking on the tasks you need to do to feel better. They also show a little humor on a subject that can quickly become sad or kitschy. Finally, the reinforce the tone of the book which I can only describe in the following way: it’s like talking to a grandmother who knows everything you’ve wanted to know but who also is real with you the way you’d expect a sibling or childhood friend to be.

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Hey there! I'm a senior university student in Boulder, Colorado. I've had a variety of cultural influences in my life - particularly with language - and have found reading to be a great way to remind myself of the lives and stories that have made me who I am today.


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Kat Vellos is an experience designer, facilitator, and the founder of Better Than Small Talk and Bay Area Black Designers which was profiled in Forbes. Kat has a passion for cultivating community and designing experiences that help others connect more authentically. view profile

Published on January 04, 2020

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