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This book is written for those who are interested in healing the root cause of feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, disappointed, irritated or afraid as a parent or as a caretaker to children. It's also for those who are having spiritual awakenings whilst in the role of parent, and for those seeking enlightenment.

This book offers an entirely different approach to what humans heretofore have named, 'Parenting'. It's aimed at dispelling conditioned beliefs around parenting, bringing the shared purpose of parent and child to awareness, deepening the connection between parents and children, and awakening the conditioned mind from its attraction to suffering.

The author draws on her personal experiences and her access to existential wisdom to lovingly guide the reader through the process of undoing their conditioning around education, chores, annoyance, violence, bullying, complaining, responsibility and more.

Throughout this book, the reader is presented with important guidance which, if applied, can help resolve their mind's attraction to suffering and allow their relationships to be healed completely. Moreover, the author dispels the myth that one has to travel to a secluded place far away from their family to attain enlightenment.

Choiceless Parenting

One of the greatest hindrances to awakening is believing that there is a choice between worldly things. Its purpose is to justify feeling guilty and get support for the thought system of fear.

It’s tempting to believe in worldly choices because of perceiving worldly cause and effect, as if it’s reality. Since the common person doesn’t realize that worldly cause and effect is an illusion, they insist on believing that the choices they make in the world have effects of their own.

For instance, you might think that you are reading this book because of a choice you made. But both the choosing and the reading are thought projections, and because all projections are caused by your mind, it’s impossible for one projection to have an effect on another projection. In this way, the apparent choice to read this book did not cause you to read this book any more than your apparent reading of this book caused the choice to read it.

In fact, there is no choice like that, and no reading. The perceived world, and all of the apparent choices being made therein, is a hallucination, projected for you to avoid knowing what choice you really make, and to accept responsibility for that choice, when you are ready.

There is most definitely a choice, but it’s not between worldly things, like whether to read this book. However, as long as you insist on believing that you and other people have choices to make in the world, you will not realize that you can choose reality (perfect peace) over illusions (suffering) in any given moment.

Those of us in the role of parent seem to be responsible for making many worldly choices, and our worldly choices seem to be of great importance because they seem to affect our children.

But if you are willing to realize that worldly choices are only a projection of your state of mind, your consciousness will get trained to be less distracted by what worldly choices are apparently being made, and more focused on the only choice you can make for yourself ~ the choice between reality and illusions.

While you are distracted by the illusion of worldly choice, your consciousness defaults to choosing illusions at the expense of peace, which does affect your child in that it teaches them that illusions are true and that perfect peace is an illusion.

Choiceless parenting is really the only kind of parenting available because all worldly choices are choiceless. But when you know that worldly choices are choiceless, that’s when you can use your relationship with your child to extend love, instead of sleepily permitting the same relationship to sponsor fear and deny that true love is possible.

About the author

I am a mystic who teaches live twice per week and who writes quotes, anecdotes and instruction for allowing wisdom to be revealed and for healing our shared mind. I presently reside on the Big Island of Hawai'i with my life partner and three children. view profile

Published on May 26, 2019

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3000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Religion & spirituality

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