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Unicorns Don't Eat Carrots


Loved it! 😍

An entertaining, delightful and colorful storybook fit to engage children who love unicorns.

I think there’s something about unicorns that children find so easy to love. In “Unicorns Don't Eat Carrots” by Alainna MacPherson, children can spend countless hours reading and re-reading this delightful story of a unicorn who doesn’t seem to enjoy the carrots from Ben’s lunch box.

Fit for a bedtime story to delight children with its magical and interesting plot, this book will certainly capture your young one’s interest from the beginning. The colors are brilliant and the illustrations are wistful, taking the reader to a world where unicorns exist and it is possible to try to be friends with one.

What do you do if you meet a unicorn in real life? What would you have them eat? What could you offer them from your lunch box?

Those were just some of the questions Ben might have asked when he saw a unicorn while he was just strolling happily in the park. What a happy day to see something you thought could never be real! Indeed, this book sparks children’s imagination and allows them to envision a magical world that only exists in their dreams.

This is a light-hearted, colorful and fun-filled tale that children can enjoy over and over again.

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On his way home from school, Ben encounters a unicorn in the park. Of course, he wants to pet it, but it wont let him close enough! He tries to gain it's trust with what's left in his lunch box... problem is, Unicorns Don't Eat Carrots!

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Published on March 01, 2021

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