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Santa has helpers all around the world, not just in his workshop at the North Pole.

Moms wear a lot of job hats when managing a household. Depending on what needs handling, they put on their imaginary work hat and get to business. They prepare meals (chef), mend holes or sew costumes (seamstress), tend to boo-boo (doctor/nurse), and help with schoolwork (teacher). They also fix broken gadgets, wash clothes, clean the home, save kids from creepy crawlies, etc. I want to note that fathers also wear a lot of hats in the house, but since this is a book about moms, I want to focus on them. 

Around the holidays, moms put on a special hat. They put on their elf hat and assist Santa in making the holiday goes off without a hitch. Yup, Santa has helpers all around the world, not just in his workshop at the North Pole. 

Cydnee Brady does give clues to help a child discover if the parent is an elf or not. Be ready to have your ears looked at very closely. I think before I share this story with my youngest, I will purchase elf or Vulcan ears. I can't wait to see their reaction!

Mom, the undercover elf, is Santa's helper in many ways. They help with family pets, track weather patterns, and much more. With all the work this mom does, I bet she's always on the NICE list. 

I know children, who still believe in Santa, will love this story. It was so cute. The pictures were quite lovely. 

The illustrations were not cartoony or picture-perfect computer graphics. They reminded me of colored-in coloring sheets. Well done, Chuck Sirko, Noah Spencer, and Mason Spencer (illustration team). 

If the author has any blank coloring sheets available, I would suggest offering those as a promotional piece. 

I agree with Amazon's recommended reading age, 3 - 5 years.

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Not all elves live at the North Pole – some live secretly among us!
Have you ever wondered how Santa is able to get everything done in time for Christmas? In this whimsical story, one child discovers that their mother is not like other moms. Oh sure, she works and takes care of her family. But she has a secret: she is an undercover elf working for the big man in the red suit, taking on year-round important tasks such as finding out which houses have chimneys or which homes have dogs that need quieting with a treat from Santa. Maybe you have an undercover elf in your family!

A delightfully festive story that shares the joy of Christmas all year round.

About the author

Cydnee Brady, a true Undercover Elf, is a life-long resident of North Carolina. She and her husband have two children, three grandchildren, and several rescue dogs. When not working, she enjoys cooking, sewing and playing with the grandchildren. view profile

Published on September 01, 2022

Published by BookBaby

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Genre: Picture Books

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