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Twelve: Stories From Around the World


Loved it! 😍

An assorted collection of short stories about love, jealousy, greed, revenge, hatred and more!

Just like the cover that shows a box of assorted chocolates, this collection features all kinds of short stories about love, greed, revenge, jealousy, bitterness, and many other emotions and situations.

Most stories end with a twist, which may or may not shock you depending on what you were expecting. I felt that some had quite tame endings, but then I was spoiled by the first story (Sakura), which ended quite dramatically.

My favorite stories were "Sakura" (about a lost love set in Japan), "Umami" (about love, obsession, and revenge), and "Maybe" (which is a tribute to Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca).

"Precipice" gave me shivers as I did not foresee the shock ending. "Someone Like You" plumbs the depths of hatred while demonstrating that it has the potential to consume you if you harbor it for too long. The body image issues, the yo-yo dieting, and the short-lived nature of fame described in "Huge" will resonate with many people.

"Rearview" (about alcoholism) was somewhat confusing and abrupt--I reread parts of the story to understand what was going on. "Central Reservation" appears to draw inspiration from the life of Princess Diana in a futuristic tale about stealing years.

I felt that "Losing It" and "The Dentist" were the weakest pieces. They failed to hold my attention and were predictable. "The Dentist" was reminiscent of a run-of-the-mill spy movie.

Despite these shortcomings, the author writes so eloquently that you feel like turning the pages quicker--not for the plots, but for the way she has expressed herself. It reads like poetry in the form of prose. The words flow together beautifully.

The stories left me with a pleasant sense of satisfaction at having spent my time in a worthwhile manner. I would certainly recommend that you read them for the excellent writing. I will also be looking at other books by this author because I'd like to experience more of her mesmerizing writing style.

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Born and raised in India, Poornima moved to the UK over twenty years ago. Her love of writing began at a very early age and has remained with her all her life. She has authored four short story collections, one novella and a novel. You can find her at: www.poornimamanco.com view profile

Published on July 29, 2020

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