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Till Medicine Do Us Part


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Till Medicine Do Us Part examines modern-day struggles that raise social concerns while keeping focused on the Jacksons' personal story.

This piece of women’s fiction, Till Medicine Do Us Part, is my first Christiana Jones read. It held all of the components you look for in a good book: well written, engaging storyline, believable characters that you want to root for, and to add to it, tears on the page (screen).

With Boston as the backdrop to Makayla and Jason Jackson’s marriage, their family, to include five-year-old Kiki, struggles with the demands of a doctor making a name for herself and an artist husband whose muse has been put on hold. The story includes elements of a loving marriage challenged by a temptress, in this case, Boston General Hospital and its administrators. Makayla’s career is on the trajectory as she tries to prove herself after a challenging time in during and after her residency years. The late nights and missed dinners with her husband, coupled with missing out on quality time with her daughter, life begins strain the Jacksons to the point of tearing the family apart. Yet, you can’t help but cheer for Makayla as she strives to be the best doctor.

You also can’t help but to cheer for Jason, who is itching to put paint to canvas again. Having paused his career, just at a time that it was seemingly going to really launch, to raise their daughter, you can’t help but want to see him succeed. As a stay-at-home-dad who lovingly supports his wife’s career at the expense of his own, it takes a toll on his soul. Yet, an additional and unexpected wrench beyond the walls of Makayla’s career threatens his ability to do so. To add to it, Jason struggles with his relationship with his lawyer father, whom he hasn’t spoken to since college. 

The  outlying characters, from family to co-workers to friends, provide additional insight to Makayla and Jason’s marriage.

Till Medicine Do Us Part examines the struggles of modern-day families in a way that raises social concerns while keeping focused on the Jacksons' personal struggles. Christa Jones clearly writes with passion and purpose without coming across as preachy, but authentic and revealing. 

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Heather Hummel Gallagher is a New York Book Festival award-winning novelist of the Journals from the Heart Series and an award-winning author. She travels via RV with her husband, two Black Labs, and always has her laptop and camera nearby.​

Chapter 1: Makayla

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Christiana Jones is a physician and a writer. She loves crafting stories that pay tribute to the courage and resilience of women working in medicine. Saving lives day after day might take a toll on their personal lives, but that doesn’t stop them from chasing their dreams and following their hearts. view profile

Published on March 26, 2020

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