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The common sense wellness book, with a dash of recipes featuring superfoods and other healthy ingredients.

When a healthy lifestyle books starts with the phrase "this book written especially for those of you who treat their body as a temple and who are aware and conscious of what choices to make", it makes one wonder why would those people need this book if they are already treating their body as a temple? Good question, indeed.

In reality, this book is not for someone who is already knowledgeable about nutrition, clean eating or fitness. This is a book for someone who doesn't know that much about any of those things mentioned above, otherwise they would get bored and learn basically nothing.

If you don't know how weightloss works, what are macros and nutrition, that you need to move at least 30 min per day to stay healthy, then this book is for you. This book is like a common sense manual only stating things most of us already know. This is one of the things I did not like about this book. Plus there was no science-based evidence presented or at least any mention of a proper study. Mainly because all this is common sense.

Another thing that I did not like about this book is that part three - which is the part with the recipes, doesn't make being healthy easy at all! I couldn't find one simple recipe that I could make with what was already in my fridge and pantry. All the recipes require a lot of ingredients, and most of them are the expensive super-foods (like chia seeds). But it is not impossible to eat healthy without emptying your wallet.

On the bright side, the book starts with a great way to make sure people stick to their healthy plans - create goals, measurable and realistic goals, with deadlines (1 month goal, 3 months goal, 6 months and so on). And not only that, but always come back to your goals to remember why you are on this healthy lifestyle journey and to adjust them if needed. This thing I really likes.

Overall, it is not a book for me and, sadly, I doubt it will be a book for anyone who has even a little knowledge of nutrition and healthy living. As stated, it's pretty much common sense.

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Published on January 30, 2020

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