Things We Inherit


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"Things We Inherit" is a thrilling, nuanced exploration of a tumultuous, scarred past.

“Things We Inherit” touched my heart right from the dedication page. I’m so glad you’re here, it said. Me too. I’m glad this book’s here, too. Although “Things We Inherit” isn’t the easiest read, it is a necessary read. Let me tell you why.

It’s worth noting that right off the bat, I identified with Joy, the protagonist, a great deal. Although I saw myself more in adult, mature Joy, as she struggles to understand and come to terms with the mysterious voices that have taken over her mind, there were aspects of child Joy I saw myself in.

What I liked about adult Joy was that, really, she’s most people. She’s someone you can feel for, which makes the book so inherently likable from the start.

However, while I enjoyed Joy’s journey of self-discovery and healing as an adult (it spoke to me very much), it was child Joy that makes the book worth delving into. The author, Draven Aurora, shows a delicacy almost unbecoming the book. It makes you feel, in a way, as if you’re reading two separate novels since the oft light-hearted tone of the adult parts is hard to reconcile with the intense drama of Joy’s childhood.

Passed around from one neglectful, abusive relative to another, Joy doesn’t really get much of a chance, which makes it surprising that her adult version’s holding up so well, really. The author shows tremendous insight, and skill with words, as she paints a true-to-life haunting image of what it is to grow up in a dysfunctional family.

As the title promises, "Things We Inherit" offers us a deep dive into what it means to grow up in a broken home, and how that might come to haunt us, even in adulthood.

One thing I felt could’ve been amended was the pacing, particularly for the adult Joy segments. I felt the action was a bit slow-brewing, but all in all, “Things We Inherit” was a very enjoyable, insightful read.

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I've been hooked on books for as long as I can remember ( to the point of skipping school, just to stay home and read - yeah, low-key kind of a nerd here). I read and write a lot, and I've been doing that for a long time, so that's made me pay attention to some unique or less obvious aspects.

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Draven Aurora is a dark, contemporary fantasy/paranormal author by night and business admin by day. She lives in Austin with her fiancé, cat, and an overwhelming number of books and games. In her free time she enjoys drinking fancy lemonades, watching rugby, and exploring renaissance festivals. view profile

Published on June 10, 2023

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