There Are Dinosaurs in the Library!


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Take a chance on "There Are Dinosaurs in the Library!" & watch your child's eyes light up as the dinosaurs leap off the pages!

It's library day for Mrs. Baker's class, and everyone is eager to go except for Alyssa. She "hates" the library, which stuns the teacher. Mrs. Baker attempts to entice Alyssa away from her drawing and into the library by claiming dinosaurs are there. Alyssa is doubtful but joins them nonetheless. 

When Alyssa entered the library and asked where the dinosaurs were, she was not amused when her teacher showed her a book. But, when Mrs. Baker cracked open the book, the real excitement began because out jumped a stegosaurus. As the teacher turned the pages, more dinosaurs leaped off the pages. However, when Alyssa took a turn flipping the pages, mayhem ensued; two predators emerged. Children ran for cover. The librarian tried to calm down the class. While chaos erupted in every point of the room, Mrs. Baker remained cool as a cucumber and handled the situation effortlessly. 

You will love this children's book if your family loves the Jurassic Park franchise. Just like in the movies, children must evade hungry predators. And, like in the films, no children were harmed in the story's making. 

I recommend parents, teachers, and (most importantly) librarians share There Are Dinosaurs in the Library! with children 3 to 9 years. Octavio Cordova's illustrations were engaging and brilliantly drawn. I particularly liked the tongue-wagging T-rex. The look on the velociraptor's face when the librarian shouted, "Children remain calm!" was priceless! I have to commend A.G. Allen's imaginative storyline. It had action and suspense and might encourage young readers to visit their library more often. 

Take a chance on There Are Dinosaurs in the Library! and watch your child's eyes light up as the characters in the book literally come alive! Then, head to your local library and see what else might jump off the pages! 

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It’s library day and Mrs. Barker would love to take her class for a visit. But it will take some creative thinking and imagination to persuade a distracted student named Alyssa to get with the program. When Mrs. Barker reminds the class there will be dinosaurs in the library, everyone including Alyssa is eager to go. Boy are they surprised (and a little frightened) when the library transforms into a Jurassic playground. There Are Dinosaurs in the Library! is for readers age 4 to 10.

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A.G. Allen is a teacher, library enthusiast, and storyteller. After twenty years in corporate communications, she became a Language Arts Teacher at international schools in China, South Korea, and Spain. She holds master's degrees in teaching and creative writing. view profile

Published on September 20, 2023

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