The Yellow Cup of Tea


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What happens when the very demons one must battle reside within?- The Yellow Cup of Tea by Marina Faibishenko

The Yellow Cup of Tea by Marina Faibishenko is a compelling romance story of Anna, a beautiful young woman with soft chocolate hair, pale skin, and light green eyes. She wakes up one day to find that her dreams of changing the world have spiraled into a nightmarish reality. She goes from a happy-go-lucky college student to struggling to deal with challenges to her very belief system. Anna is attending college and taking classes like The Feminist Legal Theory. There she meets Daniel who is tall, dark haired, has a smile that says, "I can say anything and get away with it." And oh yeah, he's gay. What ensues is a friendship fueled by a love of law and debates (as most future lawyers are apt to do).

One thing that fascinates me most about this book are the author's descriptions of both her characters and her scenes. When Anna first meets Daniel, he's said to have a big smile smeared on his face. Anna's friend Trish is described as being wrapped up in a small round body and having big cat shaped glasses, sparkling eyes, and a big purple hazed smile. I miss seeing smiles, so I appreciated the author's depictions of different character's smiles. I also enjoyed the author's ability to bring scenes to life by her utilization of anthropomorphism. For instance, instead of saying that the character is messy, we're told the shelves in the room are about to pass out from the burden of books. And the closet looked like it had nausea.

Anna is a unique individual, in that she aspires to reach people on a global level, to empower them so they can live a happier more fulfilling life and thus volunteers at a Women's Shelter. She also loves to soak in lavender flavored bubble bath.

As time marches on Daniel begins dating Rob (a future doctor), Trish begins dating and then gets engaged to Tom, and all the while Anna is still searching for her "white knight in shiny armour." Then she meets Matt, a tall dark stranger with deep, blue eyes.

I really liked reading The Yellow Cup of Tea by Marina Faibishenko and give it 4 out of 5 stars. This book is for young adult audiences and up.

Remember, sometimes we just can't help whom we fall in love with.....

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Hey everyone. My name is Marina . I'm officially a PT but my first love was always writing. After giving birth to my children, I decided that I owe it to them to pursue my dreams, so that I could be an example for them to know to never give up on theirs. view profile

Published on April 27, 2020

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