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The Web Development Glossary


Loved it! 😍

A glossary that would arm anyone working in a web application team with the required vocabulary and give a taste of basic concepts.

As a backend developer who has worked on web applications and dabbled a little bit with front end technologies, I found this a very useful and interesting book. It helped me remember the concepts I had previously worked on and also grasp things that were new to me.

Although the title says Web Development Glossary, it has many terms that are used by other kinds of software development teams, be it mobile or windows application development. I would recommend this not just for developers, but for anyone working in a software development team because everyone in the team needs to be aware of the concepts. This will help come up with better solutions and follow best practices.

This book is probably intended to be used as a reference for the times when you come across new terms that you have to look up. However, I would suggest going through the book and learning some random terms. Even if they are not related to your work at present, you will be picking up some terms that may be of use in the future. Maybe you will use it to solve a problem or maybe to impress your manager and peers during meetings.

In my case, I used this book as a study guide. I read a few pages at a time, noted down terms that I wanted to explore further and looked them up online. In this way, this book proved to be a good refresher as well as a starting point for learning new terms.

I would recommend this book to people working in the software industry in development teams, whether they are managers, POs, Business analysts, SDETs, scrum masters, etc. I would also suggest computer science students and fresh graduates who want to keep up with the market to check out books like this as reference.

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Published on April 07, 2020

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