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The Two Horns of the Moon


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A squire narrates the life and times of his master, offering his respect to a knight’s remarkable life.

In this fictionalized retelling of Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy, the character John Hardyng narrates his master’s life, and through this narration as well as the author’s narrative, the reader experiences the exploits of the greatest knight —Hotspur, who was known for chivalry during the medieval period.


The novel takes readers on a historical journey, from the Percy home in Leconfield Castle’s library, to battles on the borderlands of Scotland. Lords and ladies have ambition, and a knight’s motivation has been forged with impulsive bravery, swordsmanship, and loyalty, but when former friends engage in revolution and civil war to usurp King Henry IV, a fateful battle leaves an indelible mark on the reader.


The story does not conclude after the battle at Hateley Field, but lives on in the further accounting of Hardyng’s long life, which was brilliant, as a notable fact furnished in the novel’s final chapters, earns a meaningful connection to the story.


Andrew Boardman is a historical novelist with several nonfiction novels to his credit. His fictionalized interpretation of Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy provides ample historical context and character motivation for readers to connect with the story. The prose, especially toward the end of the book, weaves an intense emotional connection to a celebrity knight. The author is an effective storyteller who uses meticulous language and vivid word descriptions, which when combined, honor “the greatest knight”, leaving no doubt that Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy lived a remarkable, chivalrous life.


The Two Horns of the Moon is recommended for fans of Historical Literature, fiction or nonfiction.

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A.W. Boardman is a UK historian. His published work includes Towton: The Bloodiest Battle, The Medieval Soldier, Hotspur: Medieval Rebel and The Battle of St Albans. He has consulted on many TV documentaries including Secrets of the Dead, Towton 1461 and Instruments of Death. He lives in Yorkshire. view profile

Published on November 30, 2020

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Genre: Historical Fiction

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