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WAND is a revolutionary new medical tool that cures diseased tissues in human beings without the use of drugs or surgery. Ten years in design and production, the technology has a 95% success rate in curing most forms of cancer in animals and human beings.

The brainchild of 48 year old Harvard Medical School graduate, Clyde Daniel, WAND (Wave-Altering-Nanoparticle-Disrupter) is going to move the profession of medicine out of the dark ages and into something that closely resembles science fiction. That is, unless the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to lose billions of dollars in lost drug revenues, can intervene with its hired assassins and destroy the technology and its team of creators before it ever has a chance to see the light of day.

The Target List is a medical science fiction thriller, a real page turner that will have readers hooked from the first chapter through the very end of the book.

Chapter 1


May 6, 2019

Albany, New York

         The killer entered Roger Atwood’s home from the back porch, through a sliding glass door. It was a fairly simple lock to defeat, almost too easy.

         Atwood, the target, was watching a television show in the living room; one of those detective programs from the early 80’s where they committed and solved crimes very neatly in 40 minutes with twenty more sprinkled in for commercials. The target was seated on a tan colored recliner.

         The killer was in fairly good position, able to see that Atwood had his back to him. He moved quietly behind the target, and then crouched below the back of the recliner. Atwood was completely preoccupied with the show.

         He raised his body, pointing the revolver towards the back of the target’s head. He’d never know what hit him, the killer thought to himself.

         A cell phone rang.

         He crouched back down towards the floor and froze.

         “Hello, Shane,” the target said answering the phone. “Yes, of course. No, no, not that I am aware of; but you know how they’ve handled that in the past.”

There was a long pause. The killer kept his position, hoping Atwood wouldn’t get up from the chair.

“I understand, Shane,” the target said continuing the conversation. “Look, we’ve been through this several times already, I’m not going to change my mind.” Another long pause. “Okay then, I’ll be there next Thursday, to sign the papers. Yes, Shane. Goodbye!”

Atwood was quiet again, back to watching the television show.

The killer rose once more from behind the recliner, like a cobra slithering out of a wicker basket. He pointed the gun at the target’s head and pulled the trigger.

About the author

Dr. John Reizer is a practicing chiropractor and author. Born in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1963, he now resides in Inman, South Carolina with his wife and daughter. His latest Novel, "The Target List" is a medical science fiction thriller that was published in June, 2019. view profile

Published on June 14, 2019

20000 words

Genre: Science fiction

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