The Talented Twins Adventures- Book 1: Forgiveness


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Worth reading 😎

Beautifully illustrated story that shows the proper way to handle a bully.

Forgiveness by Tonya Lacy is the first book in The Talented Twins Adventures series. This book is Lacy’s debut children’s story.

Twins, Tanner and Taryn, are at the mall with their Aunt when they see an indoor bungee jump ride. They excitedly ask their Aunt for permission to do the ride. The Aunt asks the ride operator several questions and once satisfied that it is safe, grants permission for the twins to do the ride. Unfortunately, the ride is ruined for the twins as some other kids make it impossible for them to enjoy it. Hurt and confused, the twins ask their Aunt why the kids did what they did. The Aunt teaches the twins how to handle the situation.

While this is a work of fiction, you can totally see it being a real story, with the way it is written, and when you realize why the mean kids ruined the ride for the twins. The illustrations are great, and the dialogue is well-written. This is a story that will teach children to look for the “why” behind a bully’s behavior, and to offer forgiveness, even when an apology is not offered.

I only had one problem with the story. When the Aunt is confronting the “mean” kids, the picture showed 5 mean kids, but the words and dialogue only showed three kids. I think that children will find this confusing and wonder what happened with the other two kids.

Overall, I think this story will be an enjoyable read for children and it has a great lesson. I look forward to reading the next story in the series.

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Tonya Lacy lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, twin teenagers, a Rottweiler and a Boston Terrier. She loves a good comedy, or horror, movie and gets giddy anytime there's an uncut sweet potato pie around. When she isn't eating, or reading, she's trying to dance, or annoying her teenagers. view profile

Published on January 23, 2021

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