The Sweet Friendship


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"The Sweet Friendship" by Lisa Robin teaches children to value their friendships and treat others how they want to be treated!

Before the first chapter, readers will meet all of Baked Bean's friends through pictures. My favorite image was of Fancy Wat. I mean, you don't see a mouse wearing a top hat every day. 

Chapters 1-3 gave insight into each friend's personality and how each one was there for Baked Bean. For example, Biscuit has Snoopy-like ears and short legs but moves like lightning when he runs. Sometimes, his tongue would hang slightly out of his mouth when he sprinted across the field. 

Chapters 4-17 focused on the actual story with plot, climax, and resolution. Baked Bean was longing for a bunny friend. Someone who does the things she does and eats the food she eats. Her wishes came true when she met Snowshoe. They laughed, ate grass, drank water, and explored the countryside together. 

One day, Snowshoe did not arrive to play as promised, and poor Baked Bean's heart was crushed. When Snowshoe came days later, he acted like it was no big deal. These chapters will open doors for teachers and parents to discuss if listeners ever had someone break a promise and how they felt when it happened. It'll give the reader the opportunity to encourage children to try their best not to break promises because a broken promise can make a person sad, just like Baked Bean in the story. 

As the story progressed, Snowshoe's callous behavior worsened, and Baked Bean started feeling worse and worse. Baked Bean begun to feel insecure and question everything about herself. Again, this is another excellent time to discuss how this section makes the listener feel. Do they agree with how Snowshoe treats Baked Bean, and what's the proper way to treat a friend?

The Sweet Friendship by Lisa Robin teaches children to value their friendships. Treat others how you want to be treated! 

Snowshoe might've not been the picture-perfect friend, but Baked Bean met somebunny who was superb! (FYI: Somebunny was written that way on purpose.) 

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An idealistic, bright-eyed, lop-eared bunny (Baked Bean) is seeking the friendship and company of another bunny. But to her dismay, her new interest (Snowshoe) brings both joy and heartache. Will she be able to overcome her struggles with her new friend?

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Lisa R. Neuder is a debut children’s author from Rockville, Maryland (US). She is a member of The Writers Guild and The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She is an organizer of a creative writing group on She is starting an MFA program in the Spring 2023. view profile

Published on July 15, 2022

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