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The Secret Online Door


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An absolute no-nonsense handbook that empowers us to take leverage of the secret online door which could very well boost our growth.

True to the title of the book, Dan Portik shows us a less traversed pathway that could help us get what we want from people. He has structured the book so well and offers us practical ideas and tips to leverage the power of the internet. He stresses the importance of online communication in today's age and how it could be capitalized for our own benefit.

Be it selling or buying a product or a service, he has a bunch of smart tips that can be implemented by anyone to achieve his/her goals. He doesn't dilly-dally and gets straight to the point in every chapter. The biggest highlight of the book is that he provides numerous anecdotes from his own life, revealing how those clever little hacks helped him save money and in some cases, made him rich. All the examples are practical and pragmatic. They reflected his expert negotiation and communication skills, which the author believes, can be mastered by anyone in a short time.

He goes on to the extent of furnishing the actual conversations that he had with the Vice Presidents and Customer Service Representatives of various companies. After reading the book, I retrospected the actions I took when I was in such situations. It made me wonder how easily I could've manipulated the other person in favor of me, without employing any means of deception. The next time I find myself in a situation wherein I'm distraught about a particular product or a service, I will remind myself to put in use the tactics that Dan Portik mentioned in this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to my family & friends and help them get a fix on the true potential of the secret backdoors that exist in the digital world. It hardly took me an hour to cover the content and I'd be forever indebted to him if his strategy actually helps me save money or realize my goals.

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Chapter 1 Building Your Path to the Secret Door

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Over the years, Best selling author Dan Portik has sold millions of dollars in advertising/video production services. Now he shares his unique techniques for reaching and negotiating anything with anyone with little to no verbal communications. view profile

Published on June 08, 2020

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