The Renegades (Tale of the White Queen Book 1)


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Iiriniss finds herself in greater danger than ever after saving Prince Terven following an ambush on his company of soldiers.

The Renegades is the first book of a riveting new fantasy series. Terven is knowns as the White Prince. He is the third son of King Jethron Bloodthorne, the powerful ruler of the Two Kingdoms who seeks power above all else. Terven, though his own child, poses a threat to his quest for power, and Jethron seeks to eliminate him. After surviving an ambush on his company of soldiers, Terven is saved by Iiriniss, a nyvan whose father the King killed years ago in his venture to become the one true king of the realm. Iiriniss is determined to get back at her father’s killers, but as she spends time with Prince Terven and travels alongside him, she realizes that blood does not necessarily begat the nature of one’s intentions. Terven is not like his bloodthirsty, power-hungry father or his brothers. Hunted, scared and desperate, Iiriniss, Terven, Iiriniss’s sisters, and a reluctant witch hunter learn that sometimes doing the right thing, such as warning others of impending danger or helping a perceived enemy, can bring together surprise alliances, but also new dangers.

The Renegades was a fascinating read. From the start, I had a hard time putting it down. The action and suspense of Iiriniss’s, Terven’s, Yarrow’s and Dee’s plights make you yearn to know what will happen next, and what danger is waiting for the characters at the next turn of a page. The book blends the bloodthirsty desire for power as exhibited in the King and Terven’s family with persecution of other races, such as nyvans; journeying to new lands; and a slowly blossoming sense of romance to form a world that is part Game of Thrones, part Shannara and entirely captivating. 

There were some spots in The Renegades where it looked like the book may have benefitted from one more round of editing. There were some errors here and there that were minor but were noticeable enough to briefly disrupt the flow of the reading. 

Overall, The Renegades is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year, and I look forward to reading the following books in the series as they are published!

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