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The Pup on the Moon


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Follow the joyful adventures of Bodhi McRay the Moon Pup as he lives each day to the fullest!

Join Bodhi McRay, the Pup on the Moon, for a week of wonderful adventure! What does a moon pup like to do all day? Why, absolutely everything, of course! Bodhi, an adorable Boston Terrier puppy, loves to find adventure in every single day as he explores his wonderful home on the moon. From playing games with his friends to taking some much-needed time to relax, Bodhi’s days of fun strike the perfect balance between an active lifestyle and plenty of self-care.

The Pup on the Moon by Alexis Thomas is by far the best children’s book I have read this year. Bright and joyous full-color illustrations by Tamar Blaauw bring this fanciful story to life, as we explore the lunar landscape alongside Bodhi. A pup who loves to stay active and have fun, Bodhi also knows the importance of taking enough downtime to recharge. This message of taking time for self-care is important in this busy day and age, where all too often we feel so pressured that we forget to stop and take a break. We can be made to feel that the world will somehow end if we take five minutes out, when the reality is that we cannot perform at our best if we are exhausted and burnt-out. I loved the gentle reminder that in order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves, and that we must remember to truly live in this world we fight to protect.

The only complaint I have about the book at all is that I wish we could have actually seen the Strongest Moon Avenger! A gentle tale of whimsy with a solid message to follow our dreams and take the time we need to recharge, The Pup on the Moon is certain to be an instant favorite. Perfectly suited for readers of all ages who love stories about puppies and gentle adventures, this timeless tale will sweep you away on a magical journey full of fun.

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Follow the thrilling adventures of Bodhi-McRay, an intrepid Boston Terrier puppy living on the moon.
In this book he shares his self-care routines, teaches the importance of taking time to relax, and making sure you have as much fun as possible doing the things you love and enjoy.

This story is a cute little family staple, and can be shared amongst children and parents of all ages.

It will bring many smiles and open imaginations! The pup on the Moon is unforgettable!

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My name is Alexis Thomas. Author of the children's book- The Pup on the Moon From Akron, OH Writing for the young minds of the world is my greatest passion. view profile

Published on February 23, 2023

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