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A story meant to prepare the religious for future persecution that’s incidentally a fresh and surprisingly lovely read!

‘Gripping’ and ‘action-packed’ are the first words that come to mind when I recall how I felt after reading Cameron Fitzgerald’s The Printed. That’s how this story goes, from the word go! ‘Stunning,’ ‘lively,’ ‘a bit scary,’ and ‘original' are the other words I'd use to finish my description of this unforgettable book.

Set in a future time when the world has undergone radical changes, at the beginning of the story, we meet a world in which the dominant powers are the USA (that, incidentally, has morphed into a nation named the States) and a new, eastern bloc named the Far East Coalition (FEC). The Gov of the States is anti-religion. Perceived as the biggest stumbling block to peace and advancement, they’ve banned all religions. People found practicing any religion are punished by ‘Printing’ before being sent to a rehab center to ‘cleanse’ them from their religious beliefs. In these harsh times, one brave man of unwavering faith shines out for Christianity. He is printed and unjustly persecuted, but never falters or kowtows in submission. He remains unconquered though he has to lay down his life in the end and he becomes a beautiful inspiration to those he leaves behind.

Religions are the No.1 enemies of Govs because they don’t all agree. By pulling people in different directions, they ultimately lead to breakdowns in world peace and unity. Consequently, Govs might love to stamp religions out forever from life, if they could. In this book, we see the Gov in an ultra-advanced age trying their level best to erase all knowledge of God from human lives. However, infinitely higher God has His way.

Persecution has been foretold for Christians and I think this book was written to prepare Christians for it. Its message is possibly “Prepare boldly for persecution. It may become scary at the hands of brutal and technically advanced Govs/people, but they can never outdo God who is by your side. Hold out then, being very brave and unflinching before the enemy, and your victory is guaranteed!”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this compelling book. There is something fresh and beautiful about it that makes it unusually attractive. Apart from the gripping story, it has other qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. Without an iota of doubt, the author is an exceptionally gifted story writer. And this book is worth recommending for readers looking for brand new stories/ideas, especially movie makers and collaborators.

Needless to say, the right audience for this book is Christians everywhere. Even if Christianity isn’t your cup of tea, purely because it’s an exceptionally beautiful story, I recommend it for all story lovers—first for native English and next, other English readers.

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For pastor and author Cameron Fitzgerald, one of life’s greatest joys can be found in telling people who they are in Christ. For years, this Pacific Northwest native has written numerous plays filled with relatable characters whose unique challenges starkly mirror real-world hurdles. view profile

Published on July 04, 2021

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