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The Office Knight


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Todd's heroic journey between bizarre battles with monsters is relatable to anyone who has done office work with unappreciative colleagues.

Oneal's novella, The Office Knight, was an amusing read about unexpected monsters in office environments. Protagonist Todd is a "Public Defender" assigned to an accounting firm to be their only office knight. Within a week, poor Todd has to protect his unappreciative coworkers from trolls, goblins, and giant supernatural spiders.

Todd's firm is small enough and is not supposed to have many monster incidents which is why he's the solo knight there. He's a grounded character despite the weird life he has. He lives with his best friend Chris who is a health nut. He trains with Jaime, a woman considered one of the best office knights. But then there's his office manager, Luciva. Office Knights have a keener sense about living beings which allows Todd to know something is off about Luciva besides her simply not liking him.

Todd's heroic journey between these bizarre battles with monsters, is relatable to anyone who has done desk work. Luciva is hiding something and Todd discovers what it is. He has to grapple with making the decision of whether to speak to this manager directly, ignore what he found, or go through the official knight channels to report her. 

Jaime and Chris are the kind of friends everyone longs for. They're reliable and neither are afraid to call Todd out on his crap when he's not exhibiting noble or ethical behavior. In fact, everyone should have a Chris: the perfect roommate who cooks healthy meals and keeps a spotless residence. The perfection of Chris might be more fantasy than the giant monsters tearing up the copy room.

Luciva and Todd are connected in their story arcs. There's a satisfying ending for both of them. As the story progresses, readers will even find a greater understanding of why Luciva is gruff and only trusts her work partner, Fitzgerald.

For fans of: Dead Like Me, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Librarians

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Elizabeth Amber Love is the author of The Farrah Wethers Mysteries. Her latest work is the horror/slasher novella, Misty Murder. She hosts the Vodka O’Clock podcast and occasionally writes comics. She lives in New Jersey with an exceptionally spoiled cat named Detective Inspector Burton Guster Nabu.


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Published on January 25, 2021

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