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The Mindful Path: Combining Psychotherapy and Buddhist Practices


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The Mindful Path is a true awakening into how our mind operates and how to recalibrate our cognitive behavior influences our well-being.

The Mindful Path: Combining Psychotherapy and Buddhist Practices, written by Michael Jones, PhD, is an outstanding book that I would recommend for those who wander into the Self-Help section and do not know where to begin. The Mindful Path evaluates how our mind operates and how to recalibrate when our cognitive behavior influences our well-being. Adjoining practices with Buddhism, a new concept for me, awakened my mindset that I and others tackle daily. Life isn't easy, and this book makes it apparent. What it does teach you is how to relearn and approach your cognitive behavior from a different perspective. As humans, we experience trauma on multiple levels and Michael Jones guides you strategically in easy-to follow methods to aid in strengthening your mental health. 

Michael Jones writes with the clarity and fluency of a friend offering sage advice. As he is a long-practicing Psychologist, he gently offers practical advice and applies it to real scenarios. To be blunt, his verbiage does not come off as "preachy" or "medical" based. He combines his education and spirituality cohesively and helps you to understand WHY you may feel a think a certain way and how to break down these stressors rationally to aid in healthier mental practices. 

I'd like to say this book found me. Currently, my life is in a complete transitionary period and events beyond my control are happening daily. I could write a book on how bizarre, what happenstances have occurred in the last few months. Reading this book was the unknown happenstance I needed to bridge the gaps I had no idea how to close without stress or burn out. Though, as stated, this book is The Mindful Path. As long as we can process thought, we find ourselves on this journey and it's okay to stray from the path, because there is always a way back.

More importantly, as I found this a Self-Help book, it brought my attention to a perspective outside myself to a "help-all/be mindful" book. We all have our own demons, upbringing, daily battles, worries, and ups and downs. Remember, we are all on The Mindful Path. Each journey is unique and all feelings are valid, whether we can empathize or not. What we can do is offer more kindness and understanding. Spirituality is rooted as deep as you plant it; you can aid in how it flourishes. 

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Michael Jones, PhD, is a clinical psychologist based in Texas, where he has maintained a private practice for more than 35 years. He applies lessons learned from his spiritual practice, his physical pursuits, and the care of hundreds of clients. view profile

Published on July 30, 2023

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