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The Meal Deal - Blaze Your Own Trail to a Healthier Eating Lifestyle


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The Meal Deal is a book that provides easy, concrete, actionable steps to make meal planning and healthy eating a lifelong habit.

The Meal Deal is a book that provides concrete, actionable steps that makes meal planning and healthy eating a lifelong habit. It truly feels like you have your own personal nutrition coach by your side helping you make decisions on organizing your kitchen for meal prep, choosing the best meals that work for your health goals, meal planning, and much more.

The biggest point that Schreiber makes in The Meal Deal is this is not a book about dieting. This is a book about making the necessary changes in the way you approach food preparation and how to maintain that approach for a lifetime of healthy eating. The most positive aspect of The Meal Deal is the constant level of support that Schreiber provides the reader on this journey of preparing healthy meals on a weekly basis.

Schreiber begins The Meal Deal by having the reader list the “why”. Why are you at this point where you need or want to make a change in the way you approach the way you eat? She then delves, very comprehensively and systematically, into the “how”. The “how” includes providing multiple checklists that support your journey into areas such as:

(1) Establishing healthy food habits [A 12-week plan that is implemented daily]

(2) Organizing your kitchen and pantry [Addresses utensils and food items]

(3) How and where to find recipes to fit ANY diet [This chapter is extensive.]

(4) Putting together a cookbook with recipes [Tips provided can support any diet]

(5) Ways to optimize your grocery list [Nice examples provided]

The list above is a small sample of the amount of information Schreiber provides. Schreiber takes each component related to making healthy meals and provides a weekly/daily checklist to allow these components to become habits in your life.  The information is also provided in manageable portions that are easy to implement and follow. The final chapter is aptly entitled, “The end is the beginning”, pointing out that the strategies in this book are a lifelong approach to meal planning, meal preparation, and food consumption. 

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Published on December 04, 2020

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