The Love Offer


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Get ready to travel to London in this spicy rom-com inspired by The Proposal - filled with office romance, fake dating, and secret pining.

The Love Offer by Eli H.L. is a spicy romantic comedy that checks all the boxes if you're looking for an office romance with fake dating and secret pining and is filled with love, family, and self-discovery.

This novel follows career-driven Liberty Wilson and her tyrannical boss and CEO, Lucas Hemling, as they travel for a weekend trip to London while posing as fake fiancés. After discovering the news of Liberty's Green Card application being rejected and her impending deportation back to London, Lucas offers her a proposal: to marry him so she can get a Green Card and to continue to work in New York as his new Chief of Staff. To keep up their ruse, they both visit London for Liberty's father's birthday. However once they arrive, Liberty begins to face the past she left behind while facing the current and undeniably growing attraction between her and Lucas.

The Love Offer is an office romance with forced proximity, fake dating, and secret pining (which is one of my all-time favourite romance tropes) with a storyline that is well done. It made references to many iconic rom-coms like The Proposal, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Intern — all of which made my pop-culture-rom-com-movie-lover-heart explode with so much happiness. But more than that, it was a wonderful read as it had a diverse set of characters and touched on key and important messages about family, mental illness, and generational trauma.

I enjoyed reading about Liberty's journey to self-discovery, overall character development, and interpersonal relationships with her friends, family, and Lucas. I loved how relatable Liberty's circumstances were as she juggled between confronting her personal issues and reaching her professional aspirations. Although I was frustrated during the moments of miscommunication and lying by omission from Lucas' end, I thought he was a fantastic counterpart to Liberty as their relationship slowly evolved. While I enjoyed the scenes we have of Lucas (and I mean enjoyed), I was hoping for an opportunity to get to know more about him on a deeper level.

Overall, I’d recommend The Love Offer to anyone looking for a spicy rom-com about an office romance with a massive sprinkle of fake dating and is looking to get away to New York and London. (And of course, who are fans of The Proposal!)

Note: The Love Offer is a contains graphic sexually explicit content.

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Hello, My name is Eli and I was born and raised in Paris, France. I've lived in London and Rome. I love reading, writing and playing with my cats. When I'm not doing any of these, I scroll on Tiktok, cook and spend time with my friends and family. view profile

Published on August 17, 2023

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Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

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