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The Lighthouse


Loved it! 😍

What better place than New England as the backdrop to a story about friendship?

This piece of women’s fiction, The Lighthouse, is my first Jessie Newton read. It held all of the components you look for in a book…good writing, relatable theme and storyline, and believable characters that you want to root for.

What better place than New England as the backdrop to a lighthouse story and friendship? Due to the passing of Joel Shields, five friends reunited to mourn the passing of Joel Shields, whose life impacted each of them in different ways. While it took death to bring the friends back together, life lessons are learned along the way. The friends, Robin Grover, Alice Keller, Eloise Hall, Kelli Thompson and AJ Proctor are relatable and well-developed characters. Robin, who still lives in Five Island Cove, requests the return of the other four, which becomes the epicenter for the friends’ reunion and to fulfill a promise the five made as teenagers. 

The Lighthouse examines the struggles of realizing that the grass isn’t always greener. Jessie Newton ties in the theme of true friendship depicted by the unconditional understanding. She uses the story to demonstrate that that no one’s life is what it looks like from the outside, but when your friends’ struggles come to light, empathy can make its way through past perceptions. When that light is cast amongst the friends, they begin reevaluating their own meaning of life. We all hope to have friendships like these, which seem to be harder and harder to come by in today’s world. 

My only criticism of the book is the description of the locale. I grew up in Connecticut and Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Code, and Nantucket are all of the coast of Massachusetts, not Connecticut. Connecticut is south of Massachusetts, not north. A good editor should have caught this.

As a bonus, the book includes the first two chapters of Book 2 (of 5) as well. 

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Heather Hummel Gallagher is a New York Book Festival award-winning novelist of the Journals from the Heart Series and an award-winning author. She travels via RV with her husband, two Black Labs, and always has her laptop and camera nearby.​

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Jessie Newton is a saleswoman during the day and escapes into romance and women's fiction in the evening, usually with a cat and a cup of tea nearby. The Lighthouse is her first women’s fiction novel. view profile

Published on March 17, 2020

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Genre: Women's Fiction

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