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The Invitation


Must read 🏆

A well-plotted novel, filled with engaging writing, authentic characters and suspense. This read will have you on the edge of your seat.

This book was engaging from the beginning and I felt completely invested in Claire's journey.  

Claire's life is complex. She has a husband and son, a lover and a best friend who would be happy to be more than friends. On top of all this, she is bi-polar. I felt the author tackled the subject of mental health problems sensitively and gave a helpful insight into how her diagnosis was affecting Claire's life, in addition to a detailed account of the medication she was offered and the psychiatric care she received. 'I just want to be normal' - this phrase really stood out for me. While it pertained to how Claire was feeling, it also hinted at how society views mental health problems. In this case, the custody of her own son, Toby, could be dependent on how her condition is viewed. The court proceedings were very well written.

To add to all this, Claire receives an invitation to her own funeral and we follow her as she tries to deduce who is responsible and ultimately, ensure it doesn't happen. The book was well plotted and structured, alternating between different years but also counting down the days until the funeral is due to happen.

Claire is a forensic pathologist. I found the details of the autopsies interesting. The author was clearly knowledgeable on the subject and skillfully wove the facts into the narrative, so the reader feels informed about the process but the story is not interrupted.

There were some points where it seemed like the author was sharing thoughts with the reader,

'At some point I think we all fuck up- it's just a question of when,' Such a true statement, which makes the reader think, but I  was surprised at this reaction from Claire to Jessica's revelation.  

'Every day, we try and control what’s around us, pretend to ourselves that if we do it well enough, then nothing can go wrong. But deep down we also all know how deluded we are.'

'As soon as we are born, we start to die. And I suppose the challenge for all of us is what we do with that information. How should we lead our lives, knowing we are going to die?'

I particularly liked the final thoughts on life at the end.

As the story progressed, I was unable to put it down and this is what made it a five-star read for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely recommend it. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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I am a single mother of three. When I was diagnosed with MS, I gave up teaching music to follow my writing dream. I am an avid reader and currently review for NetGalley and Mills and Boon. I publish reviews on Goodreads and my blog. I particularly enjoy psychological thrillers, crime, and romance.

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Patrick MacDonald is the author of three novels. Two of these are psychological thrillers, 'The Faces That You Meet' and 'The Invitation.' The third is a work of historical fiction, 'Darkness Falling' about the Irish Famine. view profile

Published on July 11, 2023

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