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The Fellowship Of The King


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It is said that there are more Rings of Power throughout Middle Earth and the United Kingdoms. Can the Hobbits save it once again?

Set years after the destruction of the "One Ring" and Sauron, The Fellowship Of The King once again sees wizards, elves, humans, and the next generation of Hobbits in a desperate struggle against evil to find the rings of power and destroy the ones that are tainted with darkness.


Elanor is the oldest daughter of Samwise Gamgee. On the eve of a very poignant birthday, a wizard comes to the Shire. He is in dire need of Hobbit assistance as the existence of more rings of power has been brought to light. If these rings fall into the hands of the wrong people, Middle Earth and the rest of the United Kingdoms will be in danger. Along with her friends, Theo and Fastred, Elanor joins the Wizard, Alatar the Blue, on a journey that will take them far beyond the Shire. However, others have also become aware of the existence of these rings, and they will do anything to get to them first and bend them to their will.


There is a wealth of characters in this book by Demetrious Polychron, some will be familiar to fans of The Lord of the Rings, and the rest are the next generation, eager to follow in their parents' heroic footsteps. The characters are well-written and are in keeping with the style set by Tolkien.


The novel is well-edited and full of action and suspense. It is an exciting read that also incorporates the history of the Rings of Power and how evil started to spread through Middle Earth and the United Kingdoms during the time of Sauron. There are a few sections of the book that are tedious as they list endless names of relatives, kings, and queens. These sections, although telling the history, do not add anything to the tale and seem a little redundant.


The Fellowship Of The King definitely deserves a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I would have liked to give it a full five because it is brilliantly written, but some sections take some wading through. If you are a Tolkien fan, or even if you enjoy the films, then this is a must-read. The great news is that this is the first of seven books. I am eagerly anticipating reading the next novel in the series.

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The Night Before A Party

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His 1st script “The Unknown Actor” tells how Shakespeare became Shakespeare, becoming a semifinalist at Slamdance in Park City, Utah and the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. "The Fellowship Of The King" is his first novel. view profile

Published on January 07, 2023

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