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The Edge


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Loved it! 😍

An interesting short story which explores the nature of the soul and out of body experiences.

After suffering a stroke, Nicole is rushed to hospital and placed into a medically induced coma. The Edge is a short story which recounts the events leading up to Nicole's hospitalisation as she imagined them to happen and the aftermath.

Riz's approach using multiple narratives to explore Nicole's out-of-body illusions was fascinating to read and showcased Riz's talent of imbuing inanimate objects with life and Nicole's soul. The Edge captures the feelings of the silent patient - the coma patient whose family are discussing whether they have a future. Nicole's voice throughout the narrative prompts the reader to rethink how much of us is ever lost and how much of our soul goes on even when the medical professionals suggest there is no hope.

Riz also explores the myriad of responses a family tragedy receives. From Brad's never-ending hope to Marisha's explosive frustration with her father and brothers, a family in crisis is captured and all we hope for as readers is Nicole's return. This hope prompts yet another question: what if Nicole did not want to return? This is because Riz not only conveys the pain but the peace as well. The moment the human body is ready to relinquish itself unto the world until something, or somebody like Lisa in this story, reminds it it is needed.

My only qualm with Riz's work is the fact The Edge is only one story. I would love Riz to release a collection of short stories because if this one is anything to go by, it would be an excellent collection.

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Published on March 17, 2021

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