The Earth is My Prison


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Being behind bars is the safest place to be because of the war. But Tag has questions and believes there has to be more to it than that.

"The night was the worst, when the need to be free came as a stabbing anxious pain."

The only life Tag has ever known is behind bars. With the never ending war and mutants raging, staying in the prison and making materials for the war is what life is all about. Tag has a hidden stash of books that makes him believe this can't be all life is. His dreams are filled with a woman he can't remember and his heart filled with questions and a desire to know the truth. He takes off, after all, there has to be more outside the prison walls than a wasteland.

The Earth is my Prison had a very interesting concept. I enjoyed the dystopian setting and I loved the idea of scientific advancement screwing us in the end. Tag is a likable character who is trying to figure out the world around him. He makes mistakes and interesting choices, like most 20 year olds do. He grows up on his journey and has good character development. I loved his connection to books and his imagination becoming the biggest reason he feels there is something wrong in the prison. I wish there was more time spent in certain places. I felt like the story went by too quickly and passed over things that should have been explained more. Overall, I wanted more. I wanted to understand the mutants, the technology that was left behind, and the reason for the war.

"New worlds to explore and friends to explore it with. There was nothing like it in the world. He opened the book and began to read."

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a good dystopian novel. There are some interesting concepts that fit into the dystopian world while also having a science fiction spin.

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Richard Sean Clare is a creative person living in Cork, Ireland. The Earth is My Prison is his first novel. view profile

Published on June 09, 2020

50000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Dystopian

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