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The Discovery of Germs


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The journey of discovering one of life’s greatest mysteries shortened to a few hours of reading.

The Discovery of Germs was an enlightening read, briefly summing up the people and events that led to our modern understanding of “germs”, or microorganisms. The information laid out in the book was factual and descriptive, but didn’t have the dullness of a boring textbook. Instead, the story followed one intellectual mind to another as each new scientist’s discoveries brought us closer and closer to learning the truth the world had been missing: the existence of germs. 

While The Discovery of Germs spared the reader from a monotonous dialogue that has come to be expected from academic textbooks, there were still plenty of headings and subtitles that make it easy to find what you’re looking for if you are on the hunt for a specific person or topic. The author’s explanations were also easy to follow, making this book suitable for young learners in their early teens, but not so simple that a college level reader would find it beneath them. 

I thought the events in this book flowed smoothly from one important accomplishment to the next. The invention of the microscope led to the proof we needed that those little critters called bacteria exist. This knowledge led to further investigation, and the discovery that these tiny germs can cause major illnesses and death. On top of those discoveries, scientists developed the proper experimentation practices and eventually treatment to save countless lives. 

Science is constantly changing, and the growth and knowledge of humanity rests on our abilities to question, seek, and find our own answers. The Discovery of Germs not only followed the journeys of scientists who made our world the place it is today, but also stressed the importance of who those scientists were and their proclivity in questioning the unknown. One of my favorite quotes from this book was, “If there is some kind of ‘living force’ capable of assembling prior elements into new and unique creations, that force is human concentration.” Our younger generation would do well to remember that.

Overall, The Discovery of Germs was highly educational and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the measures that had to be taken to make our medical practices, long life expectancy, and life as we know it today possible.

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Published on October 13, 2021

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