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The Boy and the Big Fish


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Imaginative and bright, Mynarczuk's tale of the Big Fish will mystify and exhilarate anyone who reads it.

The Boy and the Big Fish is a quick, action-packed story for readers who are 3-10 years old. The protagonist of the story, the boy, has a bright attitude and determination to discover how to catch the Big Fish. He is kind to his family, the librarian, and the people in his town who are eager to see the Big Fish for themselves. Even though the boy was afraid of the old librarian, he treated him with respect because he saw it made the old man happy. I enjoyed seeing a main character who is nice and has a good heart all around. My favorite part of this book is the illustrations. The illustrations are powerful; they are large and colorful. These images do a great job of capturing the boy and showing just how large the Big Fish actually is. They also allow for children to feel that they are more involved in the story, even though the words already suck you in.

I really like this book. Gregory Mynarczuk's writing is wonderful; the story's pacing is quick, and I think children will enjoy that there are no slow moments at all. I especially enjoyed reading his rich descriptions. He does a great job of describing small details in an enchanting way. I also like the underlying themes of this book, such as compassion and bravery. The story's ending made it much more interesting as I constantly wondered how it was going to end. The abrupt ending actually has me eager to read the second book in this series. I suggest this book to any child or any adult who is interested in reading a sweet tale. This story teaches you that if you are strong and never give up on your dreams, you will eventually achieve them.

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The Big Fish

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Gregory Mynarczuk is an author of children's book The Boy and the Big Fish and a short story for adults An Animalish Man (under a pen name.) He lives with his family in Sweden where he got the inspiration for his book for children. He is a person of many interests like photography, travel, science. view profile

Published on December 08, 2018

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