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The Battle of Spencer Street


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Mrs. Luis knew her little neighbor, Sander was different. So begins author Evie De la Roca’s masterful tale, The Battle of Spencer Street, about a child with anxiety who tapped the soap three times for good luck after washing his hands and who was afraid of the dark...and seemingly everything.

When Sander is informed that a neighborhood crow, Geranium Hoggledy-Poggledy, is up to no good and has a plan underway to steal Sander’s beloved Tuffety’s dog collar, the boy knows that the crow must be stopped…just not by him.

“I know you are often scared, Sander, but you need to be strong...you just need to think of how to outsmart him,” says Mrs. Luis. The book’s lively illustrations and tender story show that through trial and error, attempts and failure, patience and persistence, Sander is victorious against the decorated crow...and his own fears.

The Battle of Spencer Street is a perfect read-aloud for families who wish to enjoy together a courageous story about conquering one’s fears. It is a wonderful tale for children battling anxiety and fear to show them that they are not alone and that their differences can actually make them stronger.

About the author

Evi lives at home with her 4 toucans in Melbourne, Australia. She spends the day teaching them Gilbert and Sullivan musicals which they sing with alarming alacrity. They have won numerous awards nationally and internationally. Evi may be prone to under or over-exaggeration. view profile

Published on March 21, 2021

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