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The B2B Leaders Guidebook


Loved it! 😍

Quick and handy guide to demystify concepts of leadership and management with a special section on leading during the COVID-19 pandemic

I had the pleasure of reviewing the author's first book in the series, The B2B Selling Guidebook, so I was quite excited to be able to read this one as well.

The B2B Leaders Guidebook has the same standout features that made the first one so attractive and readable, namely:

1) clean, clutter-free layout

2) short and punchy chapters

3) an emphasis on practical applicability rather than theoretical knowledge

4) plenty of anecdotes

5) a friendly tone

The author draws heavily from his 40+ years of work experience to share processes and techniques that worked for him. He also passes on valuable advice that he has received over the years from his mentors and colleagues. I found this approach highly effective because it requires one to think about the questions the author is asking and evaluate where one stands currently in one's professional life.

Just like sales and marketing are considered interchangeable terms, so are leadership and management. The author makes a clear distinction between the two and teaches you how to develop characteristics of both.

He takes a three-step approach to discussing the vast field of leadership: Starting, Building, and Improving. So, whether you're an executive who has just begun a career, a startup founder, or a person with a certain amount of experience, you can pick up tips from whichever part of the book applies to you.

Each chapter ends with a brief section called "The Lesson," which distills the concepts discussed into a short paragraph. I used it as a quick reminder of what I've read so far.

I want to make special mention of Appendix 4 that talks about managing and leading in the COVID-19 pandemic. It's quite insightful and dispenses good advice.

Overall, The B2B Leaders Guidebook seeks to make sense of a complex topic by breaking it down to the basics. It appeals to all people at all stages of professional life as well as entrepreneurs. It's like a handy guide that you can browse through to refresh your knowledge or pick up some new tips and tricks.

Like the author says in his final chapter, "Keep learning! Always..."

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Published on November 29, 2020

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