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The Age of Separation: A Holistic Framework to Reclaim Our Power and Save Our Planet


Loved it! 😍

The way the title was worded made me skeptical of how much I'd get out of the book but it was well-written and interesting.

I tend to be skeptical when I'm reading in general, especially with words like "holistic" (although I fully agree with the term, but sometimes it's used as a buzzword in odd ways) and strong language like being able to "save" anything. That being said, I am glad I did read this book.

Don't get me wrong, there were definitely things that turned me off while reading - I wasn't a fan of some of the chapter headings (or the chapters themselves) - but it was interesting to read overall. I do like looking at things from a holistic perspective, even if it's not mine, because everything is connected more than we often realize.

There were some interesting points throughout the book, including mind-altering substances, indigenous practices, and relationships with nature. I did like the journal prompts at the end of each chapter to encourage reflection - I found them useful even if they were at the ends of chapters that I didn't really like. For that reason alone I think the book was worth reading. I also think it's good to be well-read, so even if I don't hold the same spiritual sense of karma yoga, the reflection points made me stop and think. I also think we can learn from belief systems and philosophies that don't mesh with our own - whether that's to make us evaluate our own beliefs more critically, be open-minded and understand about others, or add elements that match with what we already believe, they can all be powerful ways to learn about ourselves and people around us.

Do I think this book will help anyone save the whole world? No. But I do think that reading this book will provide one viewpoint with which some readers will wholeheartedly agree, and others, even if they don't agree, can learn from.

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Enlightenment is a Demolition Process

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Published on September 30, 2020

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